Lee and Casey – Book 1

Book 1 started as it did because of the software Lee used to pick and chose images from a collection Casey prepared. This first collection was scans from prints. Casey had boxes filled with all manner of paper print and whatever could fit on the Canon scanner was scanned and saved. There were over 400 scans and sorting through them, collating, organizing…that was Lee’s job. The software (Darktable) let her assign stars and the collections were 1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars and so on. So, the first book effort is from the 1 Star series and, therefore, Book 1. OK, not too imaginative but, as it turned out, Lee selected images that were mostly about them for Book 1. So, it’s a nice way to start.

FWIW – the images below are based on a two page spread much as they will appear in the photo book. In some cases, a middle image will span two pages. You can also view this as a PDF – click here.

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