Lee and Casey Danek are approaching their 50th wedding anniversary later in the year (2021). In all their time together, the Casey part of the team (a handsome young, talented man at the very beginning) was infatuated with Lee (of course) and also with photography. The camera/film combinations used most of the time resulted in lots and lots of slides. Lee (a young, amazingly beautiful and also quite talented woman) often complained that she never got to actually see the damn images because they were all on damn slides.

So, the 2021 project, Lee and Casey in Pictures, is an effort to scan most of the important images in our lives into digital from. The goal was then to be able to print photo books for themselves and friends and family and share these efforts on this website.

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Lee and Casey are originally from Worcester, Massachusetts. They went to high school there, fell in love, got married, and started a family. Later, they spent 33 years in Spencer and for the latter part of their lives, Feeding Hills (Agawam).

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